Marnix Postma

A business is made up out of people next to being an entity on it’s own accord. One department within a company might for example have a completely different focal point than another one, often times even working against each other. By engaging in a dialogue with the heads of office it’s possible to alter the course of a particular department and make agreements with the other departments about their congruence. Next to that it’s necessary that all the cogs in the wheel function harmoniously. So talking to everyone in the company or department is a must to bring to light all underlying issues.

Companies function at their best when everybody’s striving for common goals and all creative forces are aligned in these directions. Sometimes after, for instance certain goals are achieved, the core intentions could get muddy or need to be re-evaluated. The identity, products and the communication thereof need to be in line with these intentions and are preferably connecting to what the market is asking for at that given time.