Marnix Postma


Melanie of BYBROWN.

I did a session with Marnix regarding the direction that my business BYBROWN should take on the road to its development. The approach goes back to experiences in your childhood, looking at the kind of person you are in order to get to the core of your path to happiness. It’s about going back to the basics and analysing you as a person so it is very personal and confrontational.
Marnix is the perfect person to do this kind of exercise with because he is very empathetic, trustworthy and sincere. You can be assured that he is loyal and discreet. Whatever comes out of the sessions is honest, enlightening and worthwhile.



I approached Marnix Postma in February 2019 in search of advice. I was writing an essay about a conceptual art work and wanted feedback. Ultimately, I was looking for guidance on how to further develop my concept and communicate it to the intended audience.
We agreed on meeting approximately once every two weeks to discuss my projects progress. What I got was a confidant who, through his expertise across a wide range of artistic practices, helped me understand the message I was trying to convey and find the voice to express it. Not only did Marnix provide sound feedback and criticism, but also a safe place for me to disclose any doubts I had about my work. In doing so, I was able to develop solutions that enabled me to overcome my trepidations, ultimately resulting in an ability to successfully create, refine and present my work to my audience.
Working with Marnix helped me develop and finish the project I was working on, but also gave me new skills that I can apply to future projects. Marnix didn’t just help me refine my work but also enabled me to grow as a designer and artist. His supportive and friendly manner coupled with his wealth of knowledge and experience makes him a source that gets results. My work and personality as a designer have been enriched by my interactions with him as a professional and as a friend.